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Who Are We?

We here at St. Steven Public Relations (St. Steven PR) are a team of seasoned public relations warriors and strategic communicators. Our overarching goal and mission is to be the conduit that propels our clients into the public sphere, where they can share stories, information and education to the appropriates audiences through keynote, motivational and educational speaking engagements, as well as public servants through government representation or charitable work. 

St. Steven PR efforts catapult our clients squarely in front of their “right crowd” – which includes individuals and groups who will be engaged and captivated by the messages they seek to share. 

We sincerely serve on behalf of our clients – because we believe in their goals to positively influence the lives of others by encouraging motivation and inspiration through the sharing of education, information, and the telling of stories. This end goal is accomplished through customized communications created and delivered by St. Steven PR that introduce, leverage, enhance and strengthen who our clients are as individuals, as well as how they are perceived in the eyes of the public at-large. That’s who we are….in a nutshell.